Advanced POS features for restaurants and retail stores

Our iPad POS for restaurants and retail stores can accept multiple payments, from cash and checks to credit cards, contactless payments and Apple Pay. It has advanced features to split any order into multiple payments, apply item-level and order-level discounts, process partial and total refunds, capture customer information, print paper receipts or send them via email, and much much more.
iPad Point of Sale

Scan items with the iPad camera or external barcode scanners

Scan product barcodes, discount codes, or sale receipts directly with the iPad's built-in front or back camera, or with any Socket Mobile CHS Series 7, 8 and 9 external barcode scanner.
Scan the UPC barcode of the items that you are receiving in your inventory, and automatically update the quantity of items that you have in stock. Enter the price that you paid for the items received in your inventory to monitor the profit margin for each item that you sell.
Print your own product labels for the items that you sell, directly from the point of sale inventory management back office, using several customization templates to include or exclude the barcode, UPC, SKU, price, or item name.
Cloud-based POS

Apply discounts, process refunds, capture customer data

Generate and print percentage-off and dollar-off discount codes that apply to the entire purchase, all products in a specific category, or just individual items. Cashiers can scan or manually enter the discount codes, offering total control over the price adjustments that can be made at the time of sale.
Refund your customers the entire payment for an order, or issue a partial refund if not all items have been returned, or you want to apply a discount or adjust the price after the sale has been completed.
Choose to refund customers with store credit, that can be used for any future purchase, instead of the original payment method. This way, the customer gets their money back, for their complete satisfaction, and your business will also get a repeat customer!
Free iPad POS

Split any order into multiple orders and accept multiple payments

Split payment options especially designed for restaurants and bars, where a group of customers can place a single order for multiple items, and at the end they want to split the payment based on the items ordered by each individual, or a certain percentage or fixed amount.
Split the total check for any order into any number of individual payments, based on the dollar amounts or percentages requested by your customers, or based on the actual items that where ordered by each customer.
Generate separate invoices for each payment, so you can present your customers with the appropriate invoice, and request each payment individually. Each customer can pay independently, with any payment method, and the order is closed only when all the payments have been received.