Web-based Point of Sale Back Office

The freePOS cash register has a built-in back office module that lets you manage your inventory, users, discounts and settings directly from the FreePOS app on your iPad. In contrast, the posIPOS iPad point of sale has a simple and powerfull back-office web interface, that lets you setup your store or restaurant in minutes, and manage your inventory, cashiers, and discounts from any web browser. If you own multiple stores or restaurants, you can manage and even share their inventory or menu items by creating multiple business locations from one central point of sale account. The posIPOS web back office let's you view centralized sales reports via any web browser, while the FreePOS app includes these reports directly in the iPad app.

Manage the posIPOS iPad point of sale from a web browser

iPad Point of Sale
Sign up for a free account, and you can immediately setup one or more restaurants or retail stores and start selling and managing your business in no time.
Use our simple web interface to enter your employees, your inventory or menu items, modifiers, pricing, and more; group items into categories, and even add favorites for faster checkout on the mobile POS app.
Centrally monitor sales data and manage your inventory for all your stores or restaurants, from just one central point-of-sale account, accessible through any browser, anywhere in the world.
All your sales are captured in real-time, so you can make informed business decisions with up-to-the-minute reports, including daily, weekly or monthly sales, total sales by category, location, or employee, or best selling items and modifiers.
Import the quantity and cost of the items received in your inventory from CSV files, or manually enter them, to have an up-to-date overview of the number of items available in your inventory, the number of items sold, as well as the cost asscoiated with the items in your inventory.

Free and easy iPad POS app upgrades for lifetime

Free iPad POS
Our cloud servers and web-based point of sale back office will receive periodic auto-updates, adding new features and security fixes.
The heart of your iPad point of sale system, our free iPad app, can always be updated for free from the Apple App Store.