iPad Point of Sale for restaurants, fast food, bakeries, bars, and food trucks

Our POS system can be used for all types of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bakeries, fast-food and pizza shops, service providers, and other similar businesses, from small, family-operated venues, to large national chains, with centralized management and shared menus acroos multiple locations.

Plus, our point of sale also lets you accept phone orders and reservations, capture contact information about your customers, take orders right from the customer's table and print them wirelessly to the kitchen printer, split the total bill into multiple payments, send the receipt via email, and much more.

For restaurants, fast-food and pizza venues

Restaurant POS
Our iPad point of sale (POS) system includes advanced features for small, medium and even large restaurant chains and fast-food venues, like the ability to send the customer's orders to the kitchen or bar printers, transfer open orders from one point-of-sale station to another via the Cloud interface, print the customer's name and special requests on the receipt and kitchen tickets, split the total payment in multiple ways, and even define global menus for all the restaurants in a chain.

You may add the restaurant's menu as the items in your inventory, and provide optional single-choice or multiple-choice modifiers for each menu item. For instance, a pizza can have several single-choice options like "small", "medium", and "large", and several multiple-choice modifiers like "extra cheese", "bacon", "ham", "roasted peppers", "olives", "tomatoes", and so on.

For coffee shops, ice-cream parlors and mobile kiosks

Fast Food POS
Our iPad POS solution is also very well suited for beauty salons, massage parlors, hair cutteries, and all types of service providers. You may add the services that you are offering as the items in your inventory, and any optional service add-ons as modifiers for the services that you are offering. For instance, a massage can have several single-choice options like "30 minutes", "60 minutes", and "90 minutes", and several multiple-choice modifiers like "hot stones", "aromatherapy", "scalp massage", and more.
Our iPad cash register can also be used for small coffee shops, bars, bakeries, ice-cream parlors and even small, mobile kiosks and even food trucks. It can function for long times without an internet connection, and it can print receipts on the Epson Mobilink P60 Wi-Fi Mobile Printers, so is very well suited for applications where a constant internet connection is not available. It will sync the available inventory and the new sales with our Cloud servers when an internet connection becomes available, like when the food truck or mobile vendor returns home, and it can also take advantage of the iPad's cellular connectivity for mobile credit card payments.