How to find and view closed orders

To view the orders that have been closed on the iPad Point of Sale app and uploaded to our cloud servers, you can click the View Orders link under the Orders main menu.

This report displays all orders in the specified time interval. You can select a time interval of up to 60 days, and you can also filter the displayed orders by location, cashier, and order status. Additionally, you can search for specific orders by the order number (Id), and you may enter the full order number if you want to retrieve one specific order, or just a partial order number if you want to retrieve all the orders that include the specified sequence of numbers.

To view all the details about an order, including the items that have been sold or returned, the payments that have been made or refunded, the discounts that have been applied, and other relevant data, you cam click on the order number field, and the selected order will be opened in a new page.