How to manage your employees

To add, modify or delete your employees that can access the iPad Point of Sale app on the iPad at each of your business locations, login to your posIPOS account, and click the Manage Employees link under the Employees main menu. This page will display all the employees that can login to the posIPOS iPad app using the defined Username and 4-digit PIN.

There are 2 available employee roles: Manager and Cashier. Cashiers can enter new orders on the posIPOS Point of Sale app, and they can only view and modify their own orders. Managers can also enter and modify their own orders, and they can also view and modify orders entered by any other employee. On top of that, managers can change the configuration of the iPad Point of Sale app on the iPad cash register, like setting up the kitchen and receipt printers, the secure credit card readers, and the Payment Gateway used to process credit card and e-check payments. These configuration features are disabled for the employees that have the role of Cashier, and because of this, any of your business locations must have at least one manager.