How to manage product modifiers

Modifiers allows you to setup different options for any item in your inventory, and it's used mostly by restaurants, fast-foods, coffee-shops, bakeries, and service provides. When an item has some associated modifiers, the posIPOS Point of Sale app on the iPad will show all these modifiers when an item is added to an order, so the cashier can select the modifiers requested by the customer.

A modifier has an associated price, and this price will be added to the main item's price if the modifier is selected. You can set the modifier's price as 0 if the selection of that modifier should not change the main item's price (free choices).

A modifier can be marked as Single-choice or Multiple-choice. The associated inventory item can be ordered with only one modifier from the Single-choice group (Ex. a sandwich can be "small", "medium", or "large"), and with any combination of modifiers from the Multiple-choice group (Ex. a sandwich can have any combination of "cheese", "ham", "peppers", "tomato", "lettuce", or "ham").

To add, modify or remove the available modifiers for any item, click the corresponding Edit Modifiers link. A new pop-up window will show, showing the modifies that have been already added for the selected item. Press the New Modifier button to add a new modifier, or press the corresponding Edit or Delete link to modify or remove an existing modifier. When you are done editing the modifiers, you may press the Ok button to close the pop-up window.