How to add products to inventory

The inventory items represent all the products, menu items, or services that you want to sell to your customer via the iPad Point of Sale app, depending on your type of business. To add, edit and remove inventory items, login to your iPad point of sale account and click the Manage Inventory link under the Inventory main menu.

You can filter the inventory items by location and category, or you can search by item name, description, SKU or UPC. To add a new item, click the New Item button; to edit or remove existing items, click the corresponding Edit or Delete links. Or, click the Adjust link to quickly edit an item without leaving this page, and the Edit Modifiers link to add, edit or remove modifiers.

Any item in the inventory can be made available at all your business locations, or at only one location, by selecting the corresponding location from the Locations drop down.

Any item can be Priced per item (Ex: $2.99 for a cup of coffee), Priced per unit (Ex: total price is calculated based on the quantity sold, like 2.3-pounds x $0.99 per pound), or Priced in store (Ex: the price is marked on each individual item in the store, so the cashier has to enter the price manually).

The sales tax is automatically applied to all items that are marked as Taxable. You may uncheck the Taxable box for the items that are excluded from the sales tax.

Only items marked as Discountable can be individually discounted at the time of sale. However, global discounts at the order level (like $5 off or 10% off from entire order), would still apply.

Items marked as Favorite are displayed in the default "Favorite" items list on the posIPOS Point of Sale app on the iPad, and can be added to any order with just one tap. It is recommended that you mark 10 to 30 items as Favorites to speed up the sale process on the iPad point of sale app.

To add, modify or remove the available modifiers for any item, click the corresponding Edit Modifiers link. Modifiers allows you to define different single-choice and multiple-choice options for an item, all with different prices. For instance, a pizza can be "Large", "Medium" or "Small", and can also have additional choices like "Extra Cheese", "Pepperoni", "Sausage", "Ham", "Onions", "Mushrooms", "Red Peppers", and so on.