How to issue and process store credits

With our iPad Point of Sale app, you can issue refunds to your customers in the original form of payment, or instantly issue a store credit for the amount to be refunded. This store credit, which has a unique code corresponding to the amount of the refund, can be used by the customer as a form of payment for any future order. Not only that the customer get their money back, for their complete satisfaction, but your business will also have a repeat customer in the future.

To issue a store credit for a refunded payment, follow the instructions from the “Hot to view and modify an existing order” paragraph to open the existing order on your iPad point of sale app, and click the Partial Refund button corresponding to the payment that you want to refund. After you enter the amount to be refunded, click the Refund as Store Credit button on the top, and the system will generate a new unique store credit code for the amount that you have refunded. Print a receipt with this code and give it to the customer, which can bring it with him next time when placing an order, and use it as a form of payment.

To accept the store credit as payment for a new order, in the payment screen select >u>Store Credit as the form of payment, and either enter the store credit code manually, or scan the barcode on the receipt with the barcode scanner. The iPad point of sale system will automatically track the amount of money spent and the amount of money still available on the credit store. More, if there are not enough funds available on the credit store to cover the entire purchase, the customer can choose to pay the difference with any other form of payment.

To view the issued store credits in your POS ccount, click the View Store Credits link under the Orders main menu. This report shows the store credits that have been generated as part of the return process, including the amount that has been already redeemed and the amount that is still available, for the selected time period and business location. If the credit has been used as payment for one or multiple orders, you can click on the "Redeemed" value to view the orders for which it was used.

More, on the same report, if a customer has lost the unique payment code associated with a store credit, which can be used as a form of payment for new orders, you can reissue a new payment code for the credit amount that is still available by using the "Reissue" link. In this case, the old store credit code will no longer be active.