How to setup discount codes

Our iPad point of sale system lets you view, add, modify and remove the discount codes that can be applied at the time of a sale on the Point of Sale app for iPad, towards the entire order or select items within an order. To manage these discount codes, login to your posIPOS account and click the Manage Discounts link under the Inventory main menu.

Each discount code must have a Start Date, when the discount becomes active, and an End Date, after which the discount will no longer be active. Each discount code must be unique, and optionally you can print discount vouchers to give to your customers or cashiers. At the time of sale, the cashier can either scan the barcode on the discount voucher, or manually enter the discount code.

You can define two types of discounts: percent-off (ex. "10% off orders over $50"), or dollar-off (ex. "$5 off orders over $50"). The minimum value for an order or item that is required for the discount to be applied must be entered in the Min. Amount field, or you can leave it blank if you want the discount to be applied without any minimum requirement (ex. "5% off all orders, no minimum").

You can define the discount to be applied to the entire order, a single item, or all items in a category. If you want the discount to be applied to a single item, enter the exact Item Name, UPC code or SKU code in the corresponding "Item or Category" edit box. If you want the discount to be applied to all items in a category, enter the exact category name; for discounts that apply to the entire order, leave the edit box empty.