How to manage user roles

Our iPad Point of Sale solution allows you to set the activities that users with different roles can perform on the iPad POS app. To set these roles, login to your posIPOS account and click the Manage User Roles link under the Employees main menu. There are 3 types of user roles: Administrator, Manager and Cashier.

By default, an user with the role of Administrator can perform any action, and this role cannot be changed. Managers can also perform any action by default, but you can choose to limit the actions that they can perform. Cashiers can only create new orders and view and modify their own closed orders, but you can choose to allow them to perform more actions, based on your business needs.

You should create at least one user with an Administrator or Manager role for every location, because by default only users with these roles can set-up the posIPOS iPad app. If you choose to not let Managers to change the posIPOS app settings, than you should have at least one user with the role of Administrator for every location.

To set or revoke a permission for a specific user role, just check or uncheck the corresponding checkbox. The available permissions that can be independently set for each user role are:
  • View and change the posIPOS app settings on the iPad
  • Configure receipt and kitchen printers in the posIPOS app
  • Override selling price for items that already have a price in the inventory
  • Manually apply discounts to individual items in an order
  • Manually apply discounts to the entire order
  • View his own closed orders and issue partial or total refunds
  • View any closed order and issue partial or total refunds
  • Receive a new quantity of items in the inventory
  • Define new items to be added to the inventory
  • Create new orders, sell items and process the payment