How to scan items with a barcode reader

To scan the barcode of the products that you are selling via the posIPOS Point of Sale app for iPad, you can use the iPad’s front or back camera, or a compatible Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, including CHS Series 7, 8 and 9.

If you want to use the iPad’s built-in camera, you can select the front or back camera, as well as the camera orientation, in the Settings screen. You must first login with a username that has a Manager role, and then press the Settings button on the bottom of the main screen, and select the corresponding iPad camera options.

At the time of sale, after you have started a new order, just hold the products in front of the selected iPad camera, with the barcode towards the camera, until the posIPOS Point of Sale app will detect the product and add it automatically to the current order. The successful barcode code detection is marked by an audible sound, as well as a red marker displayed on top of the barcode. Additionally, you may turn the camera on or off via the Start Camera and Stop Camera button, and you can help the camera focus on the UPC code just by touching the code on the camera’s captured image on the screen.

To use a Socket Mobile CHS Series 7, 8 and 9 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with the posIPOS Point of Sale app for iPad, you must first configure the barcode scanner in “iOS Mode”, and then pair it with the iPad. By default, the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanner is set to HID mode. In order to use the scanner with the posIPOS Point of Sale app, the scanner must be set to “iOS Mode”. Just turn on the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanner by pressing and holding the power button until the LED turns blue and the device beeps twice, then print and scan the "iOS Mode " barcode specific to your scanner model from your Socket Mobile manual (also available on the web on the Socket Mobile Website)

Then, on your iPad, turn Bluetooth ON, and when the Socket CHS barcode scanner appears in the list of Bluetooth devices, select it to begin the Bluetooth pairing process. When pairing is complete, the status of the device will change from Not Paired to Connected. You are ready to use the scanner now, and the above steps are only required for the initial setup. At the time of sale, after starting a new order, just scan the barcode with the Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner, and the corresponding item will be added to the current order.