How to import items received from a CSV file

If you have enabled the Inventory Control feature for your business location, the posIPOS Point of Sale system allows you to import the quantity of items received in your inventory from a CSV file. This allows the system to track how many items you have in stock at any of your business locations, how many items you have sold since the last import, how many items you have received in your inventory over a specific period of time, and even the cost that you paid for the items in your inventory.

To import a batch of items received in the inventory associated with one of your business locations from a CSV file, you can click the Receive Inventory link under the Inventory main menu, and then click the Import form CSV File button. In the page displayed, select the location for which you want to import the received inventory, select the date when the inventory was received, and select the CSV / Excel file that contains the items that were received.

The CSV file must include the required columns name in the first line. The required columns are UPC or SKU and QUANTITY. You can use either the UPC code or the SKU code for the items that you have received in the inventory, and the values provided must match the values that you entered when you defined the inventory in the Manage Inventory page. If you want to track the cost of your inventory, the CSV file can also include an optional column named PRICE, which should contain the price per unit for the items that were received in the inventory. Here are some examples of supported CSV file formats:
9192, 12
8182, 7
itm1, 12
itm2, 7
9192, 12, 12.49
8182, 7, 16.24
itm1, 12, 12.29
itm2, 7, 16.24