How to group items into categories

Categories let you group your inventory items, making it easier to find a specific item, or view related items on the iPad Point of Sale app. To add, edit and remove inventory categories, login to your posIPOS account and click the Manage Categories link under the Inventory main menu. To add a new category, click the New Category button and enter the category name. To edit or remove a category, click the corresponding Edit or Remove link.

To keep the user interface of the iPad point of sale app easy to use, it is recommended that you define between 5 and 30 categories.

Categories are shared between all your business locations. Any change you make to the categories will be reflected on all your locations. When you remove a category, all items in that category will no longer show in the Point Of Sale app for iPad. You can still view previous sales, but you can no longer add the items in the deleted category to new orders; you can however move any inventory item to a different category.