How to manage your business locations

A business location represents the physical location of your restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, bar, store, fat-food, or mobile point of sale, together with its inventory, employees, and associated iPad cash registers that are running our iPad Point of Sale app. You must define at least one business location to be able to use the iPad Point of Sale system; to add, edit or remove your business locations, login to your iPad point of sale account, and click the Manage Locations link under the Locations main menu.

If your business operates multiple locations, like if you have multiple restaurants or retail stores, you can define multiple locations by clicking the New Location button.. Each location will have its own employees, and you can define both shared inventory items and location-specific items.

The Location Name, together with the Location Address fields, Phone Number, Website URL, and Receipt Text, will be displayed on the printed receipts. If you do not want to have any of this information printed on your receipts, you may leave the fields blank.

The Location Id will be automatically generated by the system. You need this Location Id number when setting up the posIPOS app on the iPads that will operate at this location; each posIPOS iPad app can be used at only one location.

The Sales Tax that you specify for each location will be automatically applied to all taxable items. As an example, for a 5.5% sales tax, enter 5.5, not 0.055. You may also enter 0 if you do not need to collect any sales tax.

The Business Type can be "Restaurant" or "Store". The system is designed to handle both types of Point-of-Sale operations, and if you select "Restaurant", the system will enable some restaurant-specific features on the posIPOS iPad app, like Kitchen Printers and Table Selection. If you select the Business Type as "Restaurant", you may enter the number of available tables that you have in the restaurant in the Number of Tables field. This will let you assign new orders to tables on the iPad point of sale app. You may enter 0 if you want to turn this feature off.

The Track Gratuity feature lets you receive, track and generate reports for the gratuity offered by your customers for each sale. If you enable the Track Gratuity feature, the point of sale app for iPad will display an additional field on all payment screens, where the cashier can enter the gratuity amount when the payment is received. In addition, the gratuity will also be shown on the printed receipts, and the invoice will also include an extra field where the customers can enter the gratuity.

If you enable the Track Time features, the iPad point of sale app will display a Clock-In / Clock-Out button, and your employees can use this button to track their working hours, together with the generated sales, refund payments, and gratuity received. You will be able to view these time entries in the View Timesheets report, available in the Employees main menu in your posIPOS account.