How to track employee timesheets

In order to allow your employees to track their working hours and generate the employee timesheet reports, you must enable the Track Time features in the Manage Locations screen, available in the Locations main menu from your posIPOS account.

If this feature is enabled, the posIPOS iPad Point of Sale app on the iPad will display a Clock-In / Clock-Out button on the top, and your employees can use this button to track their working hours, together with the generated sales.

You will be able to view these time entries in the View Timesheets report, available in the Employees main menu in your posIPOS account.

An employee can login and logout in the posIPOS app as many times as he needs during the day. This allows multiple employees to share the same iPad for entering orders, which is a common scenario for restaurants and other business types. Logging in and out in the posIPOS app on the iPad will not affect the working hours tracked by the system and displayed in the timesheet report. To track their working hours, at the beginning of their shift, the employees must press the Clock-In button, to mark the start of their working program, and at the end of the shift they must press the Clock-Out button.