How to create an invoice for an order

Before an order is paid, you have the option to create an invoice and present it to your customer(s) to request the payment for the order. This is especially useful for restaurants and other types of similar businesses, where the customer(s) will pay for the order after he gets the invoice.

To create an invoice for an open order, press the Invoice button on the bottom of the order screen. This will display the payment split screen, discussed in the previous article, that lets you optionally split the requested payment into multiple sub-payments, if required by the customer.

This feature is also very useful for restaurants, where one group of customer can initially place a single order, but at the end they want to pay separately, based on the products that each customer has ordered. This feature can also be used when a customer wants to use two or more methods of payment for his order, like cash and credit card.

If the order will be paid with only one payment, you do not need to create a payment split. When you press the Ok button on this screen, the posIPOS Point of Sale app will print the invoice on the receipt printer. If you have split the payment in multiple sub-payments, it will print an invoice for each requested sub-payments.

When you receive the payment(s) from your customer(s), you can press the Pay button on the bottom of the order screen, and enter the payments that you have received. If you have split the payment into multiple sub-payments, all these sub-payments will be shown in the list of payments to be received.

You must process each sub-payment individually, until the full order payment is received and you can close the order and print the receipt(s).

If you need to change an order after you have created an invoice, because the new order total is different than the order total for which you have already generated an invoice, the previous invoice and the associated requested payment(s) are no longer valid. The system will create a new default invoice with one requested payment for the full new order amount, and you may split this payment again if needed, and generate a new invoice.