How to view and modify a closed order

To view and modify an existing order that was closed previously, you can either select the order from the list of Closed Orders on the right of the main screen, if the original order has been created on the same iPad in the last 30 days, or press the Find Order button on the top right of the Closed Orders list and scan the order number from the original receipt via the Bluetooth barcode scanner, or enter the order number manually.

Even if you select the order from the list of Closed Orders on the iPad, if the order has been already uploaded to the cloud servers, all the closed order data will be downloaded again from the cloud server. This is done to ensure that the order data includes any changes that might have been performed by another iPad running the posIPOS Point of Sale app.

If the closed order has not been already uploaded to our cloud servers, than the order data will be retrieved directly from the iPad, and no internet connection is required.

The closed order will be displayed in a new screen, including the total order amount, collected taxes, discounts applied, the cashier that created the order, the list of items that are included in the order, the payments that have been made, and any notes related to items or payments that have been refunded.

From the list of payments that have been received, you have the option to refund the full or partial payment. If you choose a full payment refund, the entire payment will be refunded to the customer, via the same payment method that was used for the initial payment. If you choose to refund just a partial amount, a new screen will be displayed, where you can manually enter the amount that you want to refund, or select the items that you want to refund. In both cases, the discount and taxes that have been applied to the order will be properly adjusted. More, you have the option to refund the payment in the same way as it was received, like on the same credit card that was used for payment, or refund it as cash, or issue a store credit that can be used for a future purchase.

Of note, if your business has enabled the Track Gratuity feature to accept gratuities, and if a gratuity was received as part of the initial payment, the full refund will also include the gratuity. If you choose to do a partial refund, the gratuity cannot be refunded, as the system will not be able to automatically apply the correct tax and discounts that where part of the initial payment.

When the closed order screen is closed, if you made any changes to the order, and if the order has been previously uploaded to our cloud servers, it will be updated on our servers with all the changes that you made. If an internet connection is not available, the changes will still be saved on the iPad, and uploaded to our servers at a later time, either when you press the Backup button on the main screen, or when an internet connection becomes available and another new or closed order is processed.