How to start a new order

To create a new order on the iPad Point of Sale app, press the New button on the bottom of the main screen. To continue working on an existing open order, select the order from the list of Open Orders on the left of the main screen in the iPad point of sale app. In both cases, the order screen will be displayed, where you can add, remove and change the items that are part of the order, enter customer information, apply discounts, and process the payment(s) for that order.

To add a new item to the order, select the item from the list of available items in the inventory, and the selected item's screen will be displayed. You can find the items in your inventory by selecting the corresponding category in the category list, or by searching by the item's name, UPC code, or SKU code. In the item's screen, you may enter the desired quantity, and depending on the price type of the item, enter the item's price. Additionally, if the item has modifiers, you can select them from the list of the available single-choice and multiple-choice modifiers. If desired, you can also apply a discount amount or percentage only for the selected item. You can also enter some notes about the item, and these notes will be shown on the kitchen ticket when the order is sent to a kitchen printer. When you are done entering all the required information, press the Add button and the item will be added to your order.

After you have added an item to your order, you can select it at any time from the list of added items on the left of the order screen, and modify any of the selected options, or just remove it from the order.

You can also enter your customer's information on the order screen, by pressing the Enter Customer button on the bottom of the screen.

You can also apply a percent-off (Ex.: 10% off) or dollar-off (Ex.: $4 off) discount to the entire order, on top of any discount that you might have already applied to any of the items, by using the Enter Discount button on the bottom of the order screen and entering the percent-off or discount amount. Depending on the permissions that where setup for you as a user of the iPad point of sale app, you might be able to enter a discount manually, or just enter (or scan) a discount code that was already pre-defined in the system. The discount amount must be less than the order subtotal, and the percent-off discount must be a valid number between 0 and 100". If you enter a valid discount code, the system will automatically apply it to eligible items in the order.

If you have configured a kitchen printer for your iPad point of sale app and you need to print the kitchen ticket for this order, you can press the Kitchen button on the bottom of the screen. If you have configured multiple kitchen printers, you will be presented with a list of the available kitchen printers, and you must select the printer where you want the kitchen ticket to be printed. If you need to print a receipt for this order, and if you have configured a receipt printer, you can press the Receipt button on the bottom of the screen.

When you are finished with entering all the items of the order, you can either return to the main screen, by pressing the Orders button on the top left of the screen, or proceed to create an invoice for the order, by pressing the Create Invoice button, or process the payment for the order, by pressing the Pay Order button.

Please read the How to split the payment for an order into multiple payments and How to create an invoice for an order help topics to find out how to process the payment for an order placed via the iPad point of sale app.

If you return to the main orders screen, all the information that you entered for the new order is automatically saved, and you can select this order at any time from the list of open orders and continue working on it. After the order is paid, it will be automatically moved in the list of closed orders.