How to save sales to the cloud

By default, the posIPOS Point of Sale app for iPad is configured to upload all your orders to our cloud servers as soon as the payment is received and the order is completed. This requires that the iPad is connected to the internet. If the internet connection is lost for a period of time, the closed orders will be still saved locally on the iPad, and they will be uploaded to our cloud server either when a new order is closed, if an internet connection is available at that time, or when you manually press the Backup button at the bottom of the main screen.

If you disable this automatic upload feature, the posIPOS Point of Sale app will not attempt to upload the closed orders to our cloud servers each time when an order is closed. Instead, it will save all the orders on the iPad, so it can function even a few days without having an internet connection. You can manually backup all the closed orders, together with the closed employee timesheets, when an internet connection is available, by pressing the Backup button at the bottom of the main screen.

Only closed orders and closed time sheets, that have not been already saved to our cloud servers, will be uploaded to the server. The open orders and time-sheets that are not closed will not be uploaded to our servers until they are closed.

More, each day when you start the posIPOS Point of Sale app on your iPad, it will try to connect to our cloud servers and update its inventory, categories, employees and location settings with any changes that you have made on your posIPOS account. You can update your inventory overnight, like adding or removing new products, categories, and employees, and the next day, all your iPads used for your point of sale system will have the updated inventory!

To change this automatic upload feature of the posIPOS app, you must first login with a username that has a Manager role. Then, press on the Settings button on the bottom of the main screen, and check or un-check the corresponding Backup Orders to cloud option.