How to setup the POS app on your iPads

To run the posIPOS cloud-based point of sale app on your iPad(s), you must first install the free posIPOS app from the Apple App Store. When you first run the app on the iPad, it will ask you to enter the Location Id of the location (restaurant, store, bakery, coffee shop, etc) that you want to associate this iPad with, and your posIPOS account password.

The Location Id is a number that is automatically generated by the posIPOS system when you define a new business location from your posIPOS account. You can find this unique number from your posIPOS account, by selecting the Manage Locations link under the Locations main menu, and selecting the desired business location from the Locations drop-down list. Each iPad can only be associated with one business location, and if you need to associate the iPad with a different location at a later time, you mist first remove the installed posIPOS iPad point of sale app, re-install it again from the Apple App Store, and enter the new Location Id.

After you enter the Location Id of the location that you want to associate this iPad with, and your main posIPOS account password, the posIPOS app will connect to our servers to validate the Location Id and your account password, and it will download all the inventory items, categories, employees and business location data to the iPad. This step requires that your iPad has access to the internet.

The inventory download process can take up to a few minutes, depending on the size of your inventory, and at the end of it, you will be presented with the login screen of the posIPOS app.

Please follow the next steps to setup your receipt and kitchen printers, and if you need to process credit card and e-check payments, you must also configure your credit card reader and Payment Gateway.