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iPad Point of Sale HelpTopics

Website How to setup your iPad POS
How to receive new items in inventory
How to import items received from a CSV file
How to manage user roles
How to setup discount codes
How to view employee timesheets
How to view sales and inventory reports
How to find and view closed orders
How to setup credit card processing
How to pay the monthly fee
How to manage your business locations
How to group items into categories
How to add products to inventory
How to manage product modifiers
How to manage your employees
iPad How to receive gratuity from customers
How to scan items with a barcode reader
How to track employee timesheets
How to create an invoice for an order
How to create multiple payments for an order
How to view and modify a closed order
How to start a new order
How to save sales to the cloud
How to setup receipt and kitchen printers
How to setup credit card readers
How to setup the POS app on your iPads
How to issue and process store credits