Choose the best iPad POS for your restaurant or fast food

While our free iPad point of sale system for small restaurants, food kiosks and mobile vendors is quite similar with our enterprise-grade restaurant POS system, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your individual needs, including sales volume, reporting requirements, and inventory management.
iPad Point of Sale

Do you need centralized reporting for multiple business locations?

If yes, than the posIPOS multi-location restaurant point of sale system for iPad is the best choice. On top of being able to manage and share your menu items across multiple restaurant or fast food locations, you will be also able to view all the basic and advanced sales reports, as well as monitor all your sales in real time, from one central location, via any web browser, for any and all your stores or restaurants.

Do you need to track and update the quantity of items in your inventory?

If yes, than again the best choice is the posIPOS restaurant POS system, because it has built-in features that allows you to manage your restauranmt menu and inventory online from a web browser, or directly from the iPad, like receiving a new quantity of items in your inventory and tracking your stock levels and the quantity of sold or available items in real time.
iPad Point of Sale

Do you need to ring sales without an internet connection for an extended time?

While both posIPOS and freePOS can run and ring sales without an internet connection, only posIPOS has the ability to run in offline mode for an extended period of time, because the Apple iCloud storage used by FreePOS has a few limitations regarding the amount of data that can be handled in offline mode.

Are low operational costs very important for your small restaurant or store?

If a low monthly expense is the highest priority for you, and you do not need the inventory management and advanced sales reports offered by the posIPOS restaurant point of sale system, than FreePOS is the best choice. It's the only completely free iPad POS system that we know of, without any setup or monthly fees, that still has most of the features that define a modern POS system for iPad.