iPad POS for retail stores, expo stands, and mobile kiosks

Our iPad point of sale can easily support multiple types of retail and direct-to-consumer stores, from mobile kiosks and small specialty shops, to nationwide chains of retail stores. And since it's cloud-based, it can easily grow with your business, so you can expand to multiple locations, add or remove points of sale based on seasonal demand, and manage your inventory and employees from one central web interface.

For small stores and nationwide chains

Retail POS
Even if our offering is a full-fledged, cloud based iPad point of sale system with many advanced features, it can also be used as a low-cost, and even free, of-the-shelf iPad cash register for most small and medium-sized retail stores, and even regional or nationwide store chains. It offers many advanced features that the retail stores need, like the ability to accept secure credit card payments, use mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners at the point of sale, transfer open orders from one cash register to another, share the inventory and pricing across multiple stores, import the received inventory from CSV files, track the employee's worked hours and generated sales, process total and partial returns, and apply discounts for the entire order or just individual items.

For specialty shops and boutique stores

Mobile POS
Our iPad cash register offers a very simple and cost effective way of ringing sales for most specialty shops and boutique stores, including wine shops, gift stores, convenience stores, candy stores, and more. The store inventory can be easily defined and managed via the web interface, and you can even use your own product labels and bar codes, and scan them at the time of sale via the iPad's built-in camera. More, the advanced sales reports can show you what's selling and what's not, how many items you still have in the inventory, and even track the cost that you paid for the items that you received in the inventory.
Our system is also very well suited for mobile point of sale applications, expo stands, mobile vendors, small kiosks, and more. It can even work in offline mode for days if an internet connection is not available, or it can take advantage of the iPad's cellular connectivity for credit card processing; it also supports wireless printing on Epson Mobilink P60 Wi-Fi Mobile Printers, as well as sending receipts via email.