Restaurant point of sale system for iPad

Our iPad POS for restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, fast-food, pizza shops, food trucks, mobile kiosks, and catering services is equally suited for small, family-operated businesses, as well as large chains with multiple locations and centralized menus and inventory management.
Restaurant POS

For restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food and pizza venues

Accept phone and on-the-go orders, check table availability, capture your customer's information, apply discounts to te entire order or selected items, split the bill into multiple payments, and email or print the sales receipts.
Take orders right from the customer's table and send them to the kitchen or bar printers, transfer open orders from one point-of-sale station to another, and print the customer's name and special requests on the receipt and kitchen tickets.
Provide optional single-choice or multiple-choice modifiers for each menu item. For instance, a pizza can have several single-choice options like "small", "medium", and "large", and several multiple-choice modifiers like "extra cheese", "bacon", "ham", "roasted peppers", "olives", "tomatoes", and many more.
Fast Food POS

For food trucks, outdoor events, mobile food kiosks

Well suited for situations where Internet is not available, like food trucks and mobile kiosks, our iPad POS can function for an extended time without an internet connection. Print customer receipts on mobile WiFi or Bluetooth receipt printers, and use the iPad's 4G cellular connectivity to accept credit card payments on the spot, via any compatible card reader.
When used in offline mode, our POS system will auto-update the inventory and save the new sales to Cloud when an internet connection becomes available, with just a touch of a button. Just bring the iPad to a spot with WiFi internet access, and your mobile POS system will be up-to-date in less than a minute!