iPad point of sale for mobile sellers, events, food trucks

Our iPad POS is as mobile as your business needs. It can be used by mobile vendors, expo stands, food trucks and event organizers, even when an internet connection is not available. A minimal mobile POS requires just an iPad tablet and our free software, and depending on your business needs, you may add mobile card readers to accept credit card and contactless payments, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth portable printers to print receipts, and external barcode scanners to scan products, receipts and discounts.
Retail POS

For mobile vendors, small kiosks, expo stands

Don't be afraid of not having an internet connection. When used offline, our POS system will store all new sales on the iPad, and it will save them to Cloud and update the inventory and stock levels automatically when an internet connection becomes available.
Go from place to place and sell to your customers on the spot, right at their home or business, while keeping track of your profit margins and inventory stock levels. Capture the customer's contact information, print or email customized invoices, and accept all forms of payment.
Setup an expo stand or mobile kiosk in minutes, and sell to your customers right on the floor, as they browse the items that you showcase. Deploy additional iPads to handle peak hours, adjust item prices and apply discounts on the fly, email the sales receipts to your customers, and track your sales in real-time.
Fast Food POS

For food trucks and organized events

Streamline your operations via our order sharing feature, and use multiple iPads to take orders from customers in line or gathered around, your food truck or organized event, and fill more orders at once. Personalize each order with the customer's name, add custom notes, prepare the food as requested, receive the payment when the order is handed to the customer, and keep your customers happy, not hungry.
Customize the items that you sell with optional modifiers, so customers can get the food exactly as they want it. Each modifier can have it's own individual price and selection rules. For instance, a pizza can be small, medium, or large (single-choice modifiers) , but have any number of toppings, like cheese, bacon and ham (multiple-choice modifiers).