Accept EMV (chip), NFC (contactless) and magstripe credit cards

For processing credit card payments, our iPad POS for restaurants and retail stores is fully integrated with several payment gateways / credit card payment processing services and card readers, including Authorize.Net (US), PayPal (US, UK, Australia and Canada), iZettle (United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil), and BNG Payment Gateway (US).
iPad POS Credit Cards

Works with Authorize.Net, PayPal Here, iZettle and BNG Gateway

The PayPal Here and iZettle credit card payment services work in conjunction with your PayPal Merchant Account or iZettle account, and are compatible with the credit card readers offered by PayPal and iZettle, including the PayPal EMV Card Reader and the iZettle Card Reader. They connect to your iPad via Bluetooth or audio jack, and can process EMV (chip and pin) and magnetic stripe credit cards, as well as contactless payments and Apple Pay.
The Authorize.Net and BNG payment gateways work in conjunction with your Merchant Account at any US Bank, and their corresponding card reader: AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X Chip (EMV) Card Reader and IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Mobile Card Reader for Authorize.Net, and IPS Enterprise Encrypted MagStripe Card Reader for BNG Gateway. All these card readers are shipped fully encrypted, so only the Payment Gateway for which the card reader was injected can decrypt the card data.
Restaurant POS Card Tips

Accept tips on credit card payments

For restaurants and service providers, our iPad point of sale solves the usual limitations on accepting tips on credit card payments, like the restriction on the gratuity amount to be less than 20% of the total sale amount, the need to manually settle all the credit card transactions at the end of the day, and the current limitations that are imposed with the EMV liability shift. If your restaurant needsto accept, process and track the gratuity offered by your customers, please read this guide about accepting gratuity on credit card payments.
You can configure our retail and restaurant POS system directly on the iPad to use any of the available payment gateways and mobile card readers. You may also use any external credit card payment terminal, but since the iPad app can not control an external payment terminal that is not connected to your iPad, you will have to manually enter the payment amount on the payment terminal itself.
The following table shows the features and fees for each of the supported credit card payment services.

Gateway Fees Supported Countries Credit Card Readers
PayPal - No setup fee
- No monthly fee
- 2.7% per transaction
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia - PayPal Chip (EMV) Contactless Card Reader
- PayPal Mobile Card Reader
View Details - No setup fee
- $25 monthly fee
- 10¢ per transaction
United States - AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X Chip (EMV) and MagStripe Card Reader
- IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Card Reader
View Details
iZettle - No setup fee
- No monthly fee
- 1.50% to 2.75% per transaction, based on volume
United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil - iZettle Pro Contactless EMV Card Reader
- iZettle Lite Card Reader
View Details
BNG Mobile Gateway - No setup fee
- $5 per device monthly fee
- from 2.9% per transaction, based on selected processor
United States - IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Card Reader (no longer available)
- IPS Enterprise Encrypted Card Reader
View Details
External Card Reader - N/A Any Country - Any External Credit Card Reader