Cloud-based date storage and inventory management

When using our cloud-based point of sale for iPad, there are no local servers to setup and maintain, no time-consuming hardware or software upgrades, and no worries about customer data backups and security breaches. FreePOS stores all your sales data in Apple iCloud for free, while posIPOS stores your data on our dedicated Cloud servers for a monthly fee. Click here to view a detailed comparison between the features offered by posIPOS and FreePOS.

Works with or without an internet connection

Cloud-based POS
All your data, including the inventory, sales receipts, payments, and customer info, is stored securely in Apple iCloud or on our dedicated cloud servers, depending on the POS system that you choose. If the iPad running the point of sale app breaks or is stolen, or you just want to add a new cash register, just install our free app from the Apple App Store, and you can start selling in minutes!
Our iPad POS does not require a constant internet connection (*). The system can work for days, or even weeks, without any internet connection, and it will automatically save all your sales data in the Cloud and update your inventory when an internet connection becomes available.
You can easily configure each iPad to automatically save each sale in the Cloud as soon as a transaction is completed, or, if you work offline for a longer period of time, manually save all the new sales to Cloud when an internet connection is available, with just a press of a button.
iPad Point of Sale
More, if your restaurant or retail store is using multiple iPad cash registers, you can choose to automatically share all open orders across all the iPads via the Apple iCloud. When enabling this feature, all cashiers and waiters can access any open order from any iPad tablet. For instance, one waiter can create the original order on one iPad, a bartender can add additional drinks from it's own iPad, another waiter can add the desert items or receive the payment, while a manager can apply discounts.
You can also take advantage of the iPad's available cellular connectivity to back up your data to Cloud, update your inventory, and credit card processing. The communication protocol that we developed is secure, and optimized for low bandwidth and high-speed.
(*) - posIPOS is capable of processing unlimited offline sales, while FreePOS has a limit. An internet connection is required if you want to accept and process credit card payments via the available credit card readers.