Accept credit card payments via the BNG Payment Gateway

BNG Gateway POS For processing credit card and electronick check (ACH) payments in United States, our iPad point of sale is fully integrated with the BNG Payment Gateway, in conjunction with the IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Card Reader or the IPS Enterprise Encrypted Card Reader offered by the BNG Payment Gateway.

If you do not have a BNG Payment Gateway account, you can apply for a new BNG Payment Gateway from within your posIPOS account. By default, we will setup a mobile-only BNG Gateway account. With this account, you can process transactions through mobile devices only, including the posIPOS iPad app, and you will receive limited gateway access, mainly for reporting. The main advantage of the mobile-only gateway account is the very low monthly fee; however, you can be upgraded to a complete BNG Gateway account at a later time, if you decide that you need the extra features.

The fees charged by BNG Gateway for a mobile-only payment gateway account are as follows:
    - Service Per Device Monthly Fee: $5.00
    - Gateway Per Transaction Fee: Based on the selected Credit Card Processor

The cost of one IPS Encrypted Card Reader or IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Card Reader offered by the BNG Payment Gateway is $49.99 (plus applicable taxes), and all the fees will be charged directly to your BNG Payment Gateway account.

Our mobile point of sale for iPad can easily be configured from the Program Settings screen to use the BNG Payment Gateway, together with the IPS Encrypted Card Reader or the IDTECH Shuttle Encrypted Card Reader. Just select the corresponding option, and enter your BNG Payment Gateway username and password, and you are ready to accept credit card payments and electronick check (ACH) payments directly from the posIPOS point of sale app on your iPad.

The IDTECH Shuttle is a two-track, encryption capable, audio jack-connected card reader, that is powered by an audio tone from the iPad. The IDTECh Shuttle supports TDES and AES encryption using DUKPT Key Management, and it can read up to 2 tracks of information from credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and more, with a single swipe in either direction.

The IPS Enterprise Encrypted Card Reader is also an audio jack-connected encrypted card reader that can read up to 2 tracks of information and supports TDES and AES encryption using DUKPT Key Management. Unlike the IDTECH Shuttle, the IPS is powered by an internal battery, it has a fast startup time and does not produce a constant tone through the audio jack.

Of note, you have to purchase the encrypted credit card readers directly from the BNG Payment Gateway, as the card readers will be encrypted with payment gateway specific algorithms and encryption data. If you created the BNG Payment Gateway account from within your posIPOS account, you can also order the encrypted card reader from your posIPOS account.

Encrypted card readers use DUKPT Key management and TDES/AES encryption to ensure magnetic stripe transactions are encrypted and transmitted securely to the host device (iPad). This means that when you swipe a card, the card data read from the magnetic stripe is securely encrypted and tokenized before it enters the iPad, so every credit card swipe has its own encrypted key.

On the iPad, the card data is immediately sent in its encrypted form to the Payment Gateway's secure servers, using an 128-Bit SSL Encrypted Secure Transaction. No sensitive card data is ever stored on the card reader, the posIPOS app, or the iPad, so you and your customers are always protected.